TMS/ketamine Therapy

Our patented, combination of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Ketamine can provide relief for those suffering from mood disorders.

TMS/ketamine is our dual approach to elevating one’s mood with the use of both high-intensity magnetic fields and ketamine infusions. In clinical trials at our center, we found that by combining these treatments together patients were able to see enhanced recovery rates in comparison to when only using TMS or ketamine alone.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Issues that respond to ketamine therapy include but are not necessarily limited to: PTSD / Trauma; Depression; Anxiety; Unresolved issues from childhood; Rejoining life after a major illness; Grief & Loss; and End of Life distress related to dying.

Side effects are generally limited to the timespan directly after session and usually resolve quickly. These include mild nausea, dizziness, derealization, and drowsiness. Our medical staff will be there the whole time to help ease any side effects that may occur during a session.

Until recently, TMS/ketamine therapy was not something that insurance would cover but, thanks to the some innovative patents we’ve obtained, we are now able to accept insurance for some TMS/k treatments. Fill out this pre-auth form to see if you qualify

The TMS/ketamine treatment is the result of 25+ years dedicated research and discovery. The Midwest Institute of Neurological Discovery is proud to be pioneers in this patented, groundbreaking therapy. This therapy holds incredible potential as an effective means of treating mental health disorders.

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The Midwest Institute of Neurological Discovery is a highly accredited institution dedicated to diagnosing and treating complex neurological issues

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